Sunday, August 23, 2009

Try These Wicked Pickles

If you like pickles and you like spicy food - these are for you! They're called Wickles and they are crunchy, garlicky, hot and sweet. Here in North Carolina, they're sold at most grocery stores - independents and chains.

Several years ago while on vacation, we bought some similar pickles from a small, local pickle & preserve shop - they were called 'Fire and Ice' and had jalapenos and pineapple added to the cucumber slices. They were so delish, but it wasn't practical to ship them from the pickle shop every time we wanted a jar so the search began for a readily available spicy & sweet pickle. You know the rest - Wickles are now a staple at our house. They're great alone (of course) and fabulous in potato salad, sandwiches, and on burgers.

If you're talented enough to make your own, look for a great Fire and Ice-type recipe. You'll never go back to Bread & Butter again. Otherwise, look for Wickles and spice up those boring sandwiches. As for me, I'm off to watch the pickle episode of 'The Andy Griffith Show' . . . isn't that your favorite?

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