Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Three M's I Love This Summer

  1. Molton Brown's Vitamin Lip Saver - your lips will be as soft as a baby's . . . well, lips. The Lip Saver may seem a bit pricey, but the tube lasts much longer than you would expect as a tiny dab is enough. Use it before bed and awake with fabulous-feeling lips!

  2. Magazines! I've been reading more than my share of mags (new & vintage) this summer and am very sad to hear that Southern Accents is being closed by its owner, Time Inc. The NY Times and Forbes reported last week that the Sept/Oct issue of Southern Accents will be its last. The website will remain open so perhaps the magazine will return when the economy improves. Until then we'll always have the old issues . . .

  3. Mad Men!! What's not to love about this addictive series? Do you love it for the glamorous 1960s fashions or byzantine plots? The ubiquitous cocktails or the ubiquitous cigarettes? Or simply for Jon Hamm? (I wonder if he knows about Lip Saver?) Regardless, mark your calendar for the Season Three opener on Sunday, August 16. If you haven't seen the DVDs for Seasons 1 & 2, consider renting them - there are some wonderful special features about the events, locations, and costumes featured in the episodes. Happy viewing!

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