Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Much Cheerwine During 'Julie & Julia'?

No, this isn't a review of 'Julie & Julia' - although I highly recommend it. Enough has been written about it without me adding my opinion here. It's also not a review of Cheerwine - that classic North Carolina soft drink - although I also highly recommend it, and I don't even like soda. No, this is about something more fundamental - the need to "go" during a movie. I know, not exactly the most polite topic, but a universal one. Who hasn't washed down handfuls of popcorn with overpriced soda during the painfully long previews? The result is inevitable - you want to go, but don't want to miss a key moment in the film.

Your worries are over - now there's a website that tells you the best time to leave the theater. It even tells you how long you have before the next big kiss, car chase, etc. Check it out: http://www.runpee.com/, print it out, e-mail a reminder, or read what happens while you're taking care of things.

As for 'Julie & Julia', 42 minutes into the movie is your potty break - just after the lobster scene!

To close, in case you were worried, the NY Times reports that no lobsters were harmed during the filming of the movie - that's cool mist you see rising from the lobster pot & American Humane Assoc. reps monitored the filming.

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