Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lettuce . . . and aprons

Here in Zone 7 the days have been pretty hot and humid, but fall is just around the corner and it's time to plant lettuce. We're planting a mesclun mix as we did in the spring, but also butterhead and iceberg (for those yummy, quick wedges). The packet of lettuce mix has 800 seeds and the idea is to plant repeatedly throughout the growing season - which for us may go until Thanksgiving. The other packets have only 200 seeds each - that should be enough for the two of us and all the neighborhood bunnies!

Under the seed packets you'll see my garden apron - perhaps the most useful 'tool' I have. Purchased at the Philadelphia Garden Show several years ago, it has become as much a requirement when I garden as my gloves. I keep my favorite Felco secateurs, gloves, garden ties, cable ties, and exacto knife in the pockets at all times and often add a bottle of water, sunscreen, lipgloss, seed packets, and other hand tools. The best part though is that dirt and mulch do not adhere to it the way they do to my clothes - I can actually garden without having clothes as dirty as Scarlett O'Hara's in the carrot scene (which is not to say I'm not otherwise mistaken for Vivien Leigh . . .). Consider adding a garden apron to your wardrobe or, even better, plan to visit The Flower Show this year and purchase one there. You (and your clothes) will love it!

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