Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tea and Chocolate

Do you ever worry about things that will probably never happen? Like how to escape if you're chased by a pack of wild dogs? Or how to cut the seat belt with that little tool you keep in the glove compartment if your car starts to sink during a flash flood? Or if your butler can only bring you one thing on a silver salver, should you pick tea or chocolate? These are the things that keep us awake at night, but no need to fret over the last scenario. You can simply choose a tea-flavored chocolate like this Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey.

I'm not a fan of chocolate flavored teas, but foods made with chocolate are another story. This Belgian bar is a dreamy combination of Chocolate Noir and Earl Grey tea. Even if Earl Grey is on the bottom of your favorite tea list, you will love this chocolate. There are lots of chocolates flavored with tea - so check out the chocolate selection at your local gourmet shop or grocery store (or even Target) and give them a try. Then you can check one thing off your worry list.


  1. Does WeaverStreet carry these? I'll have to have the housekeeper pick some up.

  2. I'm not sure, but I know A Southern Season does - send your valet to check it out!

  3. I have never heard of chocolate flavored tea!!
    Where have I been?

    I hope there are no calories?

  4. Mary - I like to think the caffeine in the tea cancels out the calories in the chocolate! Thanks for stopping by - Leah

  5. Mmmmm...tea and chocolate combined. Sounds yummy! Where did you find this?

    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. Jane - I purchased this at a local store (A Southern Season), but they're available online at quite a few shops: and amazon are the first two that popped up when I searched. The brand is Dolfin and I just saw that they make a ginger flavored bar - that sounds really good doesn't it? Thanks for shopping by - Leah


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