Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Birthdays Each Year? How Regal!

While many women over 40 try to ignore their birthdays, Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates two each year! Personally, I love birthdays and would be happy to have two annually, especially if each came with a 21 gun salute and lots of champagne (the champagne is a guess, but wouldn't you have a little bubbly if you were a queen?)! The Queen's actual birthday is today - April 21, or should I say 21 April.

She's 84 and, as seen in these photos famously taken by Annie Leibovitz at Buckingham Palace a few years ago, as regal as ever.

Her official birthday will be celebrated in June with the Trooping of the Colour - find out more about her birthday celebrations here. You might also like this series originally seen on PBS: Windsor Castle: A Royal Year. You'll see how the castle staff prepares for state dinners (don't miss the footman standing on the table to light the candles), spring cleaning (in case you're not sure how to dust that suit of armor or 3 ton chandelier), and other interesting events. Of course, it's available on Netflix, too!

And if royal jewels are more your style, you'll enjoy Geoffrey Munn's fabulous book on Tiaras:

This lush book is 400+ pages of beautiful tiaras with interesting backgrounds on the designs and women who wore them (including members of the British, French, and Russian royal families). Don't be put off by my less-than-perfect pics, the book itself is dreamy!

While not limited to the Queen's jewels, it has fascinating details about many tiaras worn by her and other family members. And what better royal treatment for yourself than a few hours spent with lovely diamonds!

Finally, I have a few royal connections myself (she wrote tongue-in-check), my mother portrayed Queen Elizabeth a few years ago in a local spoof of Keeping Up Appearances (and this would be the time to mention that she's not 84!). Also I'll be seeing a minor royal at a fundraiser in a few weeks . . . more about that after the event. So, in honor of the Queen's birthday, treat yourself a little royally today! As for me, I'm ringing for the lady-in-waiting to bring my champagne . . .


  1. That second photo of the Queen is very beautiful.

  2. Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful to have Annie Leibovitz take your photo?


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