Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's spring and my fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . .

. . . flip-flops!

I confess, I'm a flip-flopaholic. As I no longer go in to an office each day, my wardrobe has devolved - more casual clothes that are perfect for gardening, grilling, etc. and, for spring and summer: flip-flops. I must disagree with the less-than-favorable comments in a recent issue of InStyle - if they're cute, I think flip-flops can work with dresses, shorts, pants, almost any casual outfit (I do stop short of wedding gowns and visits to the White House). If you also like flip-flops, you should check out Eliza B.

What makes these different from most flip-flops? For starters, they come in the cheeriest fabrics, patterns and colors. And you can customize them. Want velvet? Or cute cork wedges? Or . . . monograms?? (Notice the monogram on the pairs below - how great would it be to have your monogram spell W.O.W.?!)

The other great thing about Eliza B flip-flops is that they're made like shoes (as they say, like fine English shoes) - they fit well, last for years, and are comfortable enough to wear when you're standing and walking all day (even on uneven cobblestones)! A far cry from the cheap rubbery ones with the big squarish bottoms . . .

So, now you know my shoe secret . . . what are your favorite summer shoes? Do you have a flip-flop recommendation?


  1. I do know this- I wore fake yellowbox flip flops shopping at Warrenton, and I couldn't move later.
    I like Yellowbox, but for hard core walking, I like Reef with extra fat souls.
    I will definitely try your recommendation.


  2. Do Chacos count? I confess, I have not tried them, but the people I know who have them love them. I haven't convinced myself to buy them, because they don't look like much and they're pricey.


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