Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good May . . .

. . . without celebrating National Poetry Month, that is. That's right, there are only a few days left in April and I couldn't let the month pass without mentioning National Poetry Month. My intention was to blog about it on the first, but like an April Fool, I neglected to . . .

But, there's still time to focus on your favorite poems - or maybe discover a new favorite! I love the official NPM poster, seen above. The lines from Wallace Stevens' Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour were slightly familiar, so the poster led me to find the whole poem which is delightful. You can read it in its entirety here. The Academy of American Poets sponsors the celebration and you will find lots of interesting poems and activities on their website:

And for those who find poetry out-dated and boring, this modern twist on William Blake's Jerusalem might change your mind:

I think Blake would approve of the portrayal of the 'satanic mills', and if you saw the movie Calendar Girls you'll appreciate the snippet of the ladies from the Women's Institute. If you like this rendition of the famous poem-as-hymn, check out the YouTuber's other videos - he has some fabulous performances of other classic poems (like Marlowe's Come Live With Me and the darkly comic Tim Turpin).

There is always room in a busy day for a little poetry, so set aside a few minutes before the month ends to enjoy a great poem - as for me, I'm off to check out the Poems on the Range!


  1. OK.
    I need to know about your reading preferences.
    This post was a breath of fresh air.
    I am emailing you right now-

  2. I love your jokes! In would love to be one of those people who tell jokes well, but I AM NOT! After several humiliating tries, I have decided to hang up my joke hat. :)

    I think that you should also put all of your unfinished projects out there into blogland too, and we will keep each other accountable!



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