Monday, April 12, 2010

Liberty of London for Target . . . but, not for me

Too young to remember the British Invasion? You know . . . the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and all that? Me, too, but not to worry because there's a new wave of British goodness coming your way. The famous and fabulous Liberty of London has arrived!
That's right, the iconic designs and fabrics that made Liberty famous on both sides of the Atlantic are now available in the US. The flagship London store, seen below, is a wonderful mix of modern and classic - offering everything from designer clothes to antique arts and crafts furniture, and, of course, their beautiful Tana Lawn fabrics which I always coveted during my smocking days!

Having been a huge fan of Liberty for years, I was really excited to learn that Target was going to carry a line of Liberty items. Classic Liberty designs have been used to create bedding, lingerie, and all types of housewares. And apparently this line has been quite a hit because most items are sold out in the local Target stores and online. I've visited four different locations (sadly, to no avail) looking for this teapot:
That's not as drastic as it sounds, I was close to the different stores for other reasons (really!). The quality of the clothing/fabric items may not be a high as items purchased at Liberty - but, then again, the price isn't as high either. If you'd like to add a little Liberty to your home or wardrobe, check out the whole Liberty of London collection here and visit your local Target for items not seen online - the garden and storage items are especially appealing!

And Liberty's British Invasion doesn't stop with Target - M A C Cosmetics is also collaborating with them on a fun range of makeup and accessories inspired by those classic Liberty designs. Check out the collection here.

The lipgloss is especially fun, although it hardly compares to the teapot!

Hope your week is off to a great start . . . and maybe I'll see you at Target!


  1. I Absolutely love all of the Liberty stuff at Target! I have not seen the lip gloss. I really want that!
    Thanks for the tip,

  2. I had a friend who talked me into buying quite a bit of Liberty fabric, with the promise that she would sew some skirts for me. She made one, but made an uncorrectable mistake, and never made anything with the rest. Sigh. that's what I get for not learning to sew.

  3. I also love the stuff. Many of the items are still in stock in my town. I was surprised after traveling out of the country for 3 weeks, coming back and going to Target, that they still had the items in stock. So far I only bought a cute gift box(looks like a hat box) a month ago and a pretty storage bin yesterday. I love that teapot too!

  4. Christine - I'm envious of your Liberty stash - you can always have it made into a cute quilt!

    Christina - I almost bought one of the gift boxes, they're really cute!


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