Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One of the these things is not like the others - & that's not dandy!

This week my Dianthus / Pinks are in full bloom and that makes me very happy. Pinks are such an easy plant to grow - requiring little attention and delivering big color each spring. This variety is called Maiden Bloom and it has performed really well for us - from eight small plants six years ago to this spreading group of blooms! There's one little problem this year, however. Can you spot it?

Take a closer look - see that familiar fluffy white lollipop?! That's right - it's a dandelion! Little spring weeds are inevitable and usually quickly removed, but this year lots of pesky dandelions are popping up in the lawn and flower beds - did I mention there are lots of them?! We've never had a problem with dandelions before and I have a theory, but, alas, cannot reveal it in the interest of neighbor relations!

So, what to do with a dandelion like this? The obvious answer is to remove it before it gets to this point, but I didn't see it. Isn't that just like a weed? Keeping its head down during the early stages? I could just leave it, but the thought of those seeds blowing over the garden and becoming 50 tiny dandelion plants is just too much . . .

So while I ponder my attack, you might want to think about adding Pinks / Dianthus to your garden - there are so many great ones from which to choose and here's a sampling:

Photos courtesy All Americas Selection & NCCE.


  1. I have some dianthus too. I wish mine were as happy as yours. They are beautiful. Thankfully, we don't have problems with dandelions out here much. But, there are plenty of weeds to take their place!

  2. Don't yet have dianthus, but I love them! Also adore creeping phlox, which are in bloom right now too.

    We do have tons of weeds this year, though!

  3. I love phlox as well, but have not had good luck planting it. I tried two years and it just died and slow and flowerless death both times!

    Weeds, however, are the common denominator wherever you garden . . .


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