Monday, February 1, 2010

This Little Container Holds a Yummy Secret!

Today is our third day snowed in; we've been outside, but not beyond our little block due to the icy - and rather hilly - streets. I've done lots of cooking during our hiatus, including making that quintessential Southern food - Pimento Cheese (yes, it deserves capital letters). A few years ago NPR did a nice story about PC - check it out here.

As for the PC I made over the weekend, the best part is that now there's a little container of yumminess waiting for me! There are so many ways to make pimento cheese and I vary my recipe, but the basics are: sharp cheddar (white & yellow, or either), a little mayo, cayenne. (If you're trying it for the first time, use 8 oz. cheddar, 4-6 T. mayo, 1/4 cup pimento or marinated red pepper, 1/4-1/2 t. cayenne . . . then taste and adjust.) Personally, I don't like pimento cheese made with cream cheese or fake cheese (like Velveeta) or mild cheese - any of the above will make it too creamy and bland. It should have a bold, cheesy flavor . . .

I don't usually put onions in unless it will be eaten all at once, but like to mix in a few before serving. Today I added a few green onions and finely chopped, toasted pecans. It's great on sandwiches with any, or all, of the following: bacon, lettuce, onion slices, pickles, tomatoes, red & green peppers.

Today I settled for a basic sandwich - the picture is a little washed out - the result of glaring sun off the snow . . . or poor photography skills (you be the judge). One final thought - if you don't add onions, it's a great spread for your morning toast - add some strong Assam and your day will be off to the perfect start! I'd love to know your favorite way to make, or eat, pimento cheese . . .


  1. Pimento Cheese is my ultimate weakness, and this recipe looks so, sogood! I will certainly try this - thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks great. I've never tried this before. Seems like it could go nicely with tomato soup.


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