Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Everything" Bagel

Did you know that next Thursday is National Grammar Day? Fans of good grammar will perhaps celebrate by reading the classic Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss, or by viewing the many websites devoted to grammar and punctuation. Some of these sites feature hilarious photos of signs with blatant mistakes - you know the ones, the rules we all learn in 4th grade and then sometimes forget.

My favorites are the misused quotation marks. Who hasn't seen funny signs for "stamps" or "beef" or "Thank You"? (The "Thank You" ones are the most snarky, don't you think?) And that brings me to my bagel - take a good look at it. It's actually an everything bagel, but instead of being covered with seeds and salt, it's almost bare. I bought this at the only "gourmet" market in town (see how handy the "" are when irony is intended?) and as the bread is self-serve, I selected the best one. So, I'm thinking of this as an "everything" bagel instead of a yummy everything bagel!

If you're in the mood for some funny quotation mark usage, check out the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks. Here's one of their best:

More about National Grammar Day next week! Right now, I'm off to "toast" my bagel.



  1. Haha!! Too funny! I love correcting people's grammar! I can't wait until next Thursday. ;)

    A Southern Girl's Online Reading Group

  2. I am thinking of entering a grammar 12-step program, because I am finally ready to admit that I have been abusing commas for a long time. As part of this, I guess I would have to call all of the people I have hurt with my misuse of commas. Yikes! I also hate the thought of being stuck in rehab with quotation mark abusers.

  3. i LOVE this and will definitely check the links. i am always giggling over misused quotation marks. a favorite is from a cafe that reads:
    where "friends" meet

    huh? :)


  4. "Thanks" for the great comments. No, really, thanks!


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