Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alma's Fishy Valentine!

Remember my friend from the past, Alma Boss? If not, you can check out her story here. In addition to many, many Christmas cards, Alma's scrapbook contained some very sweet Valentines. Here's my favorite:

It's not just the bold '30s graphics that I like, the inside is rather funny.

Most of Alma's Valentine's cards are more traditional, lots of pastel flowers bundled with lace and ribbons like this one from her friend Mildred.

And this one from her beau, Jack, of the Jonah card fame:

The message inside culminates with the phrase "you're swell" . . . somehow that's just more romantic than the modern equivalent "you're so hot".

And, in case Alma was the kind of girl who would check the back of the card, Jack purchased an up-and-coming brand - Hallmark. (I'm sure she wasn't that kind of girl, though, because that's just not consistent with being swell . . .)

Thanks for sharing this glimpse into Valentines Past and I hope your Valentine surprises you with something sweet tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day - back on Monday!

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