Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not All Moss Is Created Equal

So what do we know about moss? It likes wet areas, it comes in lots of fabulous green colors, and it is rarely seen on a rolling stone. I've been on a bit of a moss-roll myself this week - taking lots of pictures of moss growing in the wooded area by our house. As we don't normally have moss growing in our yard, it has a certain attraction - especially its vivid colors.

My little moss is nothing, though, compared to the moss used by talented 'green artists' like Anna Garforth. Her moss designs are seen below:

Aren't they wonderful? I've only seen them in photos, but would love to see them in person.

Check out her website for more pictures of her fascinating work (she does amazing things with leaves as well . . .).

And then there's the master of vegitecture, Patrick Blanc. His designs are growing in major cities the world over and his website gives you a glimpse into his magical world.

Of course, his vertical gardens are not entirely moss . . .

Click here to see the step-by-step installation of a recent project in Melbourne.

I hope you enjoyed these mossy finds. Happy Saturday!


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