Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Camellias: Coming to a Town Near You

What do gardeners do during the months of winter? Read garden catalogs and books, of course! And make garden plans . . . new plants to try, old plants to remove or relocate, a larger compost pile and fewer weeds, these are the winter dreams of gardeners (or at least this one!). There is another activity to get gardeners through the cold months - garden shows. And this winter, I'm stuck on shows devoted to that beautiful winter-bloomer: The Camellia.

The American Camellia Society has a great website which includes a list of Camellia Shows around the country. Imagine tables of the best camellias on display. The show season has a few more months and there are lots of upcoming shows, including three within a short drive of me!

At a quick glance, California seems to have the most shows in the coming weeks, so check out the schedule if you're on the west coast. Larger shows, like the one at California's Descanso Gardens, include many fun activities like Tea Tasting Workshops (after all, tea comes from the Camellia) and guided walks through the Camellia Forest. You can also find a list of international camellia groups on the Camellia Society site.

If you're antsy waiting for spring, check out a flower show near you. You're not limited to camellias, there's a show for almost every kind of gardener . . . and you may get some great ideas for your 2010 garden!

All photos from the sites mentioned in this post.


  1. I love camellias in large part because they provide blooms at such a (potentially) dreary time! I cannot figure out how people can get cuttings keep them alive for more than a day indoors, though. Perhaps I have the wrong kind? Also, I know that it is getting too much sun and will need to move it... someday. I shall investigate the shows for more details!

  2. My neighbor's camelia has been blooming for weeks. The blooms are spectacular! I have truly enjoyed the burst of color!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. I simply adore camelias and cannot wait to see them in full flow over here in London.
    You are right Southern Aspirations- they are made even lovlier by the fact that earverything else is so miserable and grey! A true sign of spring.

    Lovely post!


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