Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet Molly the Dolly

Over the summer I tried my hand at sewing a simple doll - using the Black Apple doll pattern as a starting point and the myriad Flickr doll pics as inspiration. She (Polly) turned out to be rather cute as you can see here. Polly was a present for my niece and for her little sister's December birthday, I made a sister doll, named Molly.

Like her older sister Polly, Molly has her own quilt. She also has a scarf that is not only functional for these cold days, but hides the imperfections where her neck and dress meet (it seems like such a simple seam, but I found it a bit tricky - perhaps this is why I only sew a few times a year - or, perhaps it's because I only sew a few times a year! What a chicken-and-egg conundrum. . .).

And Molly's not just a pretty face, she's a firm believer in re-purposing! See her luxurious hair? In a previous pre-felted life, this was a beautiful Merino wool sweater. And her big bluish-black eyes? They came from a big button collection that belonged to a friend's mother. Next year she hopes to add to her wardrobe with some additional hand-me-downs . . . until then she's just happy in her new home and I'm thinking of my next sewing project!

Tomorrow - details about our tea giveaway!

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