Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday - and yes, it was also the 75th birthday of Elvis! He got more press, but I'm probably feeling better . . . My brother told me that a new song collection is being issued to honor The King's 75th - it's 700 songs! Can you imagine? If each song is 4 minutes, you'll have over 46 hours of Elvis without any repeats . . . are you up for it?

My intention was to do a quick birthday blog post on the actual day, but it was a fun-but-busy day and so here we are on the 9th. I love my birthday - it's exactly two weeks from Christmas which gives me something fun to look forward to when the holidays are over. Also, birthdays are just fun, aren't they?

Here's a peek at one fun birthday thing that arrived on my door:

It's an edible arrangement from Edible Arrangements! It's always nice to get flowers, but in many ways fruit is even better (if anyone reading this was thinking of sending me flowers, please don't be deterred by that statement . . .). Here's a closer look at the pineapple flowers, chocolate-coated apples, ripe strawberries, and grapes.

What a yummy treat! I'm off to select a few items for lunch . . .

Hope your weekend has at least one fun surprise and don't forget to enter the Two Leaves and a Bud giveaway - check it out here!


  1. First of all, Happy belated Birthday! My daughter's is actually Dec. 28th we just celebrated her 3rd one. Such fun...

    This is a wonderful blog, btw, and thank you so much for visiting the tea society blog. It is a pleasure to meet you. I will certainly check out the tea entry on your sidebar..

  2. A very happy birthday to you! Enjoy your beautiful posey.

  3. Happy Birthday Leah! Enjoy it and the season! Pam at GardenDesigns+more.


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