Monday, January 11, 2010

4,745 Minutes/Year for Us, Less for Josephine!

Did you guess which activity occupies almost 5,000 minutes per year? Commuting? Texting? Napping? Eyebrow grooming? No - it's showering! The latest Atlantic magazine reveals that the average shower for American women lasts 14 minutes (two minutes less for men). 4,4745 is the average for men and women in the US. I'm assuming one shower per day which may not be the norm for everyone.

It certainly wasn't the norm for Josephine - or her contemporaries in early 19th century France. Napoleon famously wrote to her, "I'll be arriving in Paris tomorrow evening. Don't wash." Yet another reason that we shouldn't apply today's standards to people and events in the past! It's just better to compartmentalize these facts - to separate the lovely Josephine, as portrayed above, from the fact that armpits were once affectionately known as "spice boxes" in France. Sorry, enough said about that . . .

So how long are your showers? Are you feeling green because you're lower than average (green in the pro-enviro sense, not the moldy sense!)? I have to confess that I'm a bit over the 14 minutes, but my husband's a bit under the 12 - sort of a Jack Sprat bathing arrangement! But, on to the important thing in any shower (after water pressure) - the shower decor.

Do you have a cheery curtain like this one from Wrapables?

Or a ribbon curtain like this one from Garnet Hill?

Or an open shower like this one featured on Luxury Housing Trends? I've used these showers a few times in hotels and would not like one at home - too drafty and messy. Of course, convicted Tyco Chief Exec. Dennis Kozlowski notoriously spent $6,000 for his shower curtain, so apparently not every luxury bathroom has an open shower! Instead of spending $6k for a shower curtain, I think I'd splurge for the $22k shower seen below:

The problem with this shower is obvious - you'd never get out in 14 minutes! So the next time you shower, note your starting and ending times to see if you're 'normal'.

As for me - ora me ne vado in doccia!

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  1. With an open shower... imagine how much time you would save not scrubbing glass.
    Ahhh~ the life of leisure.


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