Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's Celebrate National Hot Tea Month!

Did you know January is National Hot Tea Month? In other parts of the world, this could simply be called 'National Tea Month', but as we're a nation of iced tea drinkers, too, we have to clarify. It's like the British Open, you know, in the UK it's just called The Open . . .

Anyway, back to tea. Besides the obvious - drinking many cups of tea - what can tea lovers do to celebrate NHTM? Here are some ideas: Visit a tea museum. In North Carolina, we have our own museum devoted just to teapots. It has its own issues as you might have seen in the national press a few years ago, nevertheless, I'm hoping to visit it later this month and will give you a full report. Of course, if you're in China or England there are many great tea museums.

Watch a tea-related movie like Tea for Two - a Doris Day classic or Zeffirelli's Tea with Mussolini.

Create your own tea crafts using old tea bags or labels. Be inspired by this clever map created from tea bags. Find out more about it and the artist at the Victoria & Albert Museum website.

Check out the folks at South Africa's Original T-Bag Designs for more craft inspiration. They make stationery, boxes, trays, and more from the humble, used tea bag and in the process gain employment, confidence, and a creative outlet. The next time you're in Capetown, stop by their shop for a chat and a cup of tea!

Finally, if you're in more of a shopping mood, this is a great time to purchase a new tea set or teapot. How about a cheery sky blue pot with built-in infuser from Hues and Brews?

Or this cheery teapot from Vera Bradley? (Available at many locations, including through Amazon.)

So, as you're sipping your next cup of tea - remember that you're not just enjoying a relaxing drink, you're part of a bigger celebration. I'd love to hear your plans for National Hot Tea Month!

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  1. As someone who lives on iced tea, I'm happy to see they clarified this as National Hot Tea Month. You've given me so many idea on how to celebrate, I'll just have to start making plans.

    Who knew you could make art out of used tea bags? I could'ave been a millionaire by now!

  2. Rhonda - I bet you could combine tea bags and shells and make something really unique!


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