Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Fun Things from the Web!

May I share two fun freebies from the internet? The first you've just seen - the beautiful 'M' Drop Cap. As you may know, drop caps are large, decorative letters used at the beginning of paragraphs (think of the illuminated letters created by Monks). This 'M' comes to you courtesy the Daily Drop Cap which is a project by designer Jessica Hische. Each day she gives us a new letter in drop cap form - that can be used on your blog or website. What a great thing! Check it out - you'll find at least one letter than you can't live without . . .

Next let's go over to ArtDaily. In addition to an overview of the news from the art world, ArtDaily has two great jigsaw puzzles, plus a word search, each day on their site (scroll to the bottom of the page - below the daily photos). Of course their puzzles have an art theme and are a fun way to spend a few minutes. These jigsaw puzzles are a step-up from the real kind because you don't have to take the pieces out of the box or turn them over! Also, each piece has the correct orientation, no turning pieces around to figure out which way is up. The best thing, though, is the link to the software that creates the puzzles. You can download a trial version of Jigsaw Puzzle which lets you create puzzles from your own photos. Once created, the puzzles can be used electronically just like the ones from ArtDaily. You'll enjoy seeing how tricky your own photographs can be when they're cut into small shapes and scattered over the page . . .

Thanks for stopping by - have a great Saturday!

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