Sunday, October 4, 2009

"The red leaves are coming, the red leaves are coming" - Paul Revere, Oct 1775

Well, maybe Paul Revere didn't get as excited about red leaves as Red Coats, but he might have been a leaf peeper, in which case he might have said "the red leaves are coming" when he saw the first beautiful, red fall leaf on the ground. I'd like to think he did. I'm always excited to see the first fall leaves and here in Zone 7, a few trees are starting to turn. (And in the photo above, don't miss the chewed-off liriope - compliments of the local deer gang!)

But, back to Paul Revere for a moment. You probably know he wore many hats, including that of engraver and silversmith. A few of his silver items are displayed at museums around the country. The Metropolitan Museum has perhaps the most famous - a sterling teapot:

Wouldn't it be great to sit outside on a sunny autumn day and sip tea from this teapot? Hope you're enjoying the leaves in your area - whether they're green, yellow, or red. Don't forget a cup of tea, too!

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