Thursday, October 29, 2009

Garden Ideas . . .

Are you already thinking about what you'll plant in your garden next year? Or, maybe you're bogged down trying to find a non-hoochy Halloween costume for your child or yourself? Either way, I hope you'll enjoy a few more pics from Reynolda Gardens. These are things I'm going to keep in mind when I choose plants next spring . . .

Thanks for stopping by . . . tomorrow we're off to Scotland!


  1. Lovely pictures! I am definitely planning what to plant-- and enjoying my fall shrubbery planting now! Have a lovely time in Scotland!

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  3. Look at that! My sister and I were just talking about some new ideas for our garden. We were thinking of the best plants and vegetables to grow in our garden and we cannot think of anything different and unique. I think the site could totally help us. Thank you for sharing this with us! :D

    Elizaveta Kramer

  4. What plants are those, particularly the one in the second picture? It’s been my dream to have a garden. If ever I’ll be given the opportunity to have one, I will fill it with unique plants and not just the usual greens. I can’t wait to see butterflies roaming around it too!

    -Katy Eagles


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