Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yes, today is our wedding anniversary and when I ended my blog post yesterday I said we'd be in Scotland today . . . what I meant was we'd be there in spirit, not (sadly) in person. Sorry for the confusion, but thanks to all of you who sent Bon-Voyage wishes!

But, the reason for the Scottish connection today is that we were married in Scotland and can heartily recommend it. Here are a few things that made our special day special:

This quaich which was used for our wedding toast.

Our piper Iain who not only provided stirring music, but was a charming Master of Ceremonies.

Borthwick Castle - the perfect location for us. It was not snowy when were were there, but I love this picture . . .

And finally these sweet flowers. They're made of sugar and were part of our cake decoration - the colors have faded a bit and a few of the leaves have fallen, but overall they are in remarkable condition considering their age. I suppose one could make a comparison to us after nine years of marriage, but I think not . . .


  1. Congratulations! And I get the Scotland reference now. ;-)

  2. congratulations and I hope you both anjoy oyur day filled with Scotland memories,cheers Vickie


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