Friday, October 9, 2009

One Last Look at Chinqua-Penn - The Gardens!

Well, I'm back home after a really fun conference that included: lots of candy corn, a really sensitive wireless microphone, hours of standing and walking, a bustling trade show, lots of friendly faces, and tired feet from the aforementioned standing and walking.

To round out the week, here are a few more more snapshots from Chinqua-Penn. The gardens are not of the rare botanicals variety, but they are lovely and in keeping with the house (don't you love the massed containers in the photo above?). They make a wonderful backdrop for weddings and other special occasions. If you're interested in visiting, check their website for upcoming events, like the Great Gatsby weekend or outdoor concert series.

There are several large Osmanthus trees in the gardens. They were in full bloom and their wonderful scent wafted through the gardens and the open windows and doors of the house.

Interesting containers filled with ordinary plants, like this asparagus fern (which isn't a fern at all), add great color and interest to walls, steps, and patios.

The walkway leading to the house carries you through a wooded area complete with water features and unexpected plants and statuary.

One of the features for which Chinqua-Penn is noted is the pagoda. The Penns were inspired by pagodas they visited on trips to China and hired the New York architectural firm Harry C. Ingles to build one based on authentic designs. It served as a pool house and is located by the large swimming pool. Both the pool and pagoda are closed for refurbishment (and the pagoda has a large metal cover protecting it), but you can glimpse the lovely red roof and outline of the pagoda in this photo taken from the wooded area.

Once it's restored, this will be an even lovlier vantage point as the pagoda is filled with Rangoon temple bells that chime with the passing breeze. What a tranquil setting - the dappled light, lush plants, flowing water, and the tinkle of the bells . . . I'll leave you on this peaceful note.

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