Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Springtime in December and a Coyote's Thoughts Turn to Battle

Oh, the weather outside is frightful . . . it's cold and rainy today. Yesterday, however, was a great December gardening day - sunny with temperatures in the upper 50s. We have had some recent days that were warm enough to confuse the spring bulbs - just look what's popping up:

Some things in the garden are on the right track, however. This camellia (Debutante) is just starting to bloom and it's full of buds. The exciting thing is that there are fewer discolored petals than in previous years. For a few years, I thought these were caused by flower blight and I made every effort to eradicate it, but now I'm not sure. At any rate, this year some of the blooms are perfect (as seen in the top photo) and the others are still pretty - if not totally free from blemishes.

And just in time for decorating the mantle and feeding the winter birds, our Winterberries are full of berries - not bad considering they were planted in April!

And, it's also the season for small victories over the deer and a whole new strategy! Thanks to my vigilant spraying, they've only munched one branch from this Winterberry this week . . .

It may not sound like a great victory, but it gives me a warm Churchill-like glow: "Never in the field of amateur gardening has so much been destroyed by so few" - so, in response, I shall fight them in the roses, I shall fight them in the pansies, I shall fight them in the Winterberries . . . I will never surrender!!

I'm very happy with my new approach - those of you who have followed my gardening woes this year know that my old strategy was Wile E. Coyote-esque, right down to the scene where I let the deer turn me into a crazed loser smushed under my Acme anvil. This new Churchillian approach is going to lead me to conquer the invading deer gang . . . I can hardly wait for the games to begin! Of course, if I'm victorious over the deer that will mean I have a Victory Garden! (Sorry, I never can resist a pun!)

Stop by tomorrow for some yummy holiday party food and fab decorations!

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