Friday, December 11, 2009

The Luxury of the Unexpressed Thought

This time of year we often think of luxuries - either to indulge in ourselves or to give to loved ones. Luxuries are relative, perhaps a night without the kids or an afternoon to spend with friends at a favorite holiday spot are your luxuries. Or maybe a special food or drink that you only prepare or buy during this season. Or maybe you are contemplating luxury on a bigger scale with this Cupcake Car (!!!) from the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog.

Wow! I don't want to get sidetracked, but wouldn't that be great in your driveway? For a mere $25,000 you get your choice of decorations . . . (did I say Wow! already?)

The luxury I have in mind today is a bit different - it's the luxury of the unexpressed thought. I wish I could take credit for coining that phrase - don't you love it? (Well, obviously not as much as the cupcake cars . . .) The phrase is a quote from US Senator Everett Dirksen - who's apparently known mostly for saying that. (Apologies to those political history buffs who know and like Dirksen for other things . . . but given the current political climate, being remembered for one positive, clever thing at the end of your Senate career is pretty impressive.)

In today's tell-all, 24/7 reality show, blogging/texting/tweeting climate an unexpressed thought is indeed rare. But, what's luxurious about it? If you don't say it, you can't be sorry you said it! It can't be repeated to an unintended listener. You don't have to explain it . . . and so on.

Now that's luxurious - and it doesn't cost a cent.

Hope your weekend has a few quiet moments!

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