Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Birds

This isn't about Minnesotans wintering in Florida - it's a quick look at a few birds who visited our feeders during our little snow storm yesterday. The photos aren't especially good - the light was bad and the windows were splattered with snow (honestly, they're actually pretty clean . . .). But, you might enjoy seeing these Droll Yankee window feeders - we have two on the same window and get lots of birds year-round.

If you don't have bright lights in the room, the birds don't notice you at all.

And it's amazing to get such up-close views.

Even though they can't see us, sometimes it seems like they're staring us down . . . this cardinal is a great example. He is the state bird, though, so perhaps he's within his rights to have a bit of attitude!

Keep these feeders in mind for a last-minute gift!


  1. Love the little fat cardinal especially! I want to put bird feeders up in the front- haven't yet- but need to be careful where I put them. One of our furkids is especially adept in catching birds and if I were to inadvertently lure them in for the kill I'd feel terrible!

  2. That cardinal is hilarious. I like the idea of attaching the feeder to the window, both so that we can see it and because I can't imagine how the squirrels could get at it. Although I imagine them tying little sheets together and rappelling of the roof.


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