Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hold the milk & sugar, I'll just have glitter

What's cheery at our house today? Our fresh Christmas tree that's decorated and smells exactly like the holidays - you can't be in a bad mood when you open the front door and get a giant whiff of Frasier Fir! (Of course, I'm never in a bad mood - just ask my husband!!) Here's another cheery thing - this framed card that I'd forgotten about until the boxes of ornaments and decorations were unpacked. For several years we've saved one of our Christmas cards and have put them in inexpensive frames to display during the holidays. This card was my business holiday card last year and I did not remember that it was framed. That's one of the joys of after-Christmas shopping - you buy something, pack it away and forget about it, then it's a surprise the following year!

The most interesting thing about decorating this year, however, was that I realized I have lots of glittery ornaments and the glitter ends up all over the house. And glitter from this little bird . . .

and this little piano ended up . . .

in this cup of tea!

The lesson here is not to unpack glittery things on the same table as your beverage. This was the last tea from the pot (as you can tell from the tiny specks of leaves) and I think I drank some of the glitter before I noticed it was in the cup! Too bad I don't know how to read tea leaves - there must be something drastic in your future if your tea is glittery!

Hope you find some glitter in your world this week!


  1. I can relate- I get glitter everywhere, and I am already thinking about after Christmas sales...

    Is that so wrong?


  2. Laura - the after Christmas sales are the so much fun, aren't they?
    Thanks for stopping by,


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