Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who You Callin' Yeller?!

Just a peek at a few of the early bloomers in our garden this Saturday. Two cheery yellows! First a closeup of the small blooms on Leatherleaf Mahonia. This plant can be invasive, but I am hooked on it because the deer won't touch it due to its prickly, leathery leaves (hence the name . . .). It blooms in winter and even though these blooms were a bit damaged by the snow and ice, the plant is still attractive. I'm making a bit of a Mahonia Wall at the edge of the woods behind our house - this is where the local deer gang cross into our yard and I'm hoping this will deter them. So the evergreen leaves and winter blooms are a bonus and I'll keep you posted on the effectiveness of this prickly barrier!

The other yellow bloomer this week is seen below. Like many people, I love daffodils. While I've planted many different varieties in the front gardens, these are growing in the woods behind our house. They just pop up throughout the woods and bloom weeks earlier than the ones I've planted. We always wonder who planted them and how long ago . . .

Often we see daffodils growing around old houses that have been vacant for decades - sometimes the houses have disappeared altogether, but a few trees and clumps of daffodils remain. What a great reminder of the people who once lived there . . .

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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