Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Which Action Figure Is the Most Polite?

Is it G. I. Joe . . . or someone/thing from Star Wars? No! It's Jane Austen. Action figures have come a long way from the bags of grubby little army men who couldn't even raise an arm (much less their Arms!). Today there are all types of action figures - from angry mobs of villagers complete with torches and pitchforks to Carl Jung to Edgar Allen Poe (complete with raven). My favorite, though, is the Jane Austen figure.

Available from the fun folks at Archie McPhee, Jane comes with here very own lapdesk and quill pen. She can perch on the edge of your chair as you're reading Persuasion or stand on your desk as a little muse when you're writing . . . the possibilities are endless. Wherever she goes in your world, the Jane figure will be gracious and well-mannered (not rolling in the dirt like the army men). And, there's sure to be polite, witty conversation when you and Jane share a pot of tea!

So, if you can't travel to Jane's home (seen above), bring a little Jane to your world with this fun desk accessory. Personally, I plan to purchase Jane and the famous consulting detective seen below . . . perhaps a little romance will be afoot!

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