Friday, March 5, 2010

Three Minis I Love This March!

As March blows in this week, I'm thinking about minis. What kind of minis you ask? There are lots of minis - some might even say many minis - but, here are three that I love this week.

First the adorable and sporty Mini Cooper. I don't own one, but did consider purchasing one a few years ago - and may consider one the next time I'm car shopping. After all, what's not to like? They're really cute, fun to drive, and (according to our friends at Consumer Reports) safe.

You can choose one of the standard colors such as British Racing Green, Chili Red, or Laser Blue as seen above. But something about the Mini Cooper cries out for a little customization and this is what makes them so appealing. From the Austin Powers Union Jack version . . .

. . . to this one-of-a-kind George Harrison version, the possibilities are endless. And how cheery to see this in your driveway?

Next there's Minnie Mouse! Would you believe she's almost 70? Yet, she's still the fun-loving, multi-talented (have you seen her dance?), mouse we've grown to love. Always stylish and usually cheerful, she brings a smile wherever she goes (and how many of us can say that . . . )! She's always up for an adventure and even prepared for inclement weather with an umbrella that matches her outfit! Now that takes a bit of planning . . .

There is one final mini that's been really nice to have around this week, and that's the minneola! A cross between a pomelo and a tangerine, these golden citrus fruits are perfect for snacking or salads. They're easy to peel, consistently yummy, and loaded with Vitamin C (of course!).

Any weekend is good if minneolas are on the menu.

Have a great weekend!

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