Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lost Weekend: Boots, Blackmail, & Drugs!

Well, I'm back from an unexpected hiatus - at least back for a short post. A few days ago I woke up with a horrible cold - not the normal kind of cold (shall we say common cold) that lets you get on with your normal life even though you're not feeling your best. No, this was a flu-like cold that just zapped all my energy, made my head feel hot and heavy, and left me feeling quite sorry for myself. You know how it is, if you're really sick you just deal with it, but when you're just a little sick it can really bring out your mopey side - or maybe that's just me . . .

So, in the end I took OTC medicine that contains a large dose of pseudoephedrine and while it relieved the stuffy-hot-head, three days of it really made me feel jittery and strange - which is where the blackmail comes in. I had this weird dream - twice - where this relative of a friend of a friend was an evil blackmailer. She was known as the Wedding Blackmailer because she recorded wedding guests making snarky comments about the bride/groom/wedding/reception and then make them pay large sums to keep quiet. Isn't that bizarre?

But, here was the good thing about the weekend:

I had just found this great bath foam at Target - it's from Boots, the British drug store. I didn't even know Target carried Boots - perhaps I should check out their cosmetic section more often. This is the best bubble bath; it's scented with Bergamot, Sage, and Lavender . . . heavenly! A hot tub filled with this is just the thing for a tiresome cold. Especially when combined with a great magazine:

Luckily the latest issue of BBC Homes and Antiques arrived last week! So there's always a bright spot - and perhaps the bright spot here is that even though I fell asleep in the tub, I didn't slide under the water . . . that might have resulted in a longer hiatus!

Check back tomorrow for something less self-indulgent ~ cough, cough. Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Not that I'm ever a fan of being sick, but it certainly does make me look at things with a different perspective- and have more appreciation for my everyday health. And a great excuse for a hot bath. Feel better!!

  2. You're so right - we don't really think about our everyday health until we're under the weather!


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