Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That Was Some Wild Turkey!

Can you spot the problem in this photo?

If you said, "cork in the bottle" - well spotted. I only wanted a few tablespoons of Wild Turkey to make bourbon butter and when I pulled the cork it snapped. Because this type of cork (which may not technically be called a cork?) doesn't fit tightly like a wine cork, my efforts to remove the broken part with a cork screw resulted in the cork falling. Luckily the bottle was almost empty and I quickly poured the remainder in a glass - there were tiny bits of cork in it, but there was enough without cork for my recipe. Our problem is that we don't drink Bourbon - we just use it for cooking and so the cork is removed many more times than normal - after all, you wouldn't just drink a tablespoonful. So, it's off to the liquor store and in future I'll be more careful. Or alternatively, we could either: 1) make more rum balls - that's when we use lots of bourbon, 2) develop a Bourbon sipping habit, or 3) make more Bourbon brownies. Hmmm, I'm thinking option 3 is the way to go . . .

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