Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Butterfly Tuesday - or Emily Dickinson in Texas

The Butterfly upon the Sky by Emily Dickinson

The Butterfly upon the Sky,
That doesn't know its Name
And hasn't any tax to pay
And hasn't any Home

Is just as high as you and I,
And higher, I believe,
So soar away and never sigh
And that's the way to grieve --

Have you seen lots of butterflies in your garden this week? We have and despite my best efforts I have only gotten photographs of them sitting. Perhaps I should abandon the camera and just enjoy them "upon the sky" like Emily Dickinson. I like her little butterfly poem, although I must confess that it's almost impossible not to read it to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas". Ever since I found out that most of her poems can be sung to this tune, it's been a real struggle . . .

But, back to the butterflies. If you're interested in participating in a Citizen Science Project, check out this Monarch Butterfly site. You can help track the Monarchs during their fall migration from Canada to Mexico. It's very simple and a great project for kids - you basically just count the number of Monarchs per hour or minute. The news this week is that Monarchs are migrating through Kansas and breeding in the South. And guess who's migrating through Iowa? Dragonflies - they often migrate with Monarchs - who knew?

A friend sent this picture of migrating Monarchs - I'm not sure where it originated. How magical would it be to see this many butterflies? (And, how easy to get a photo?) So, check the migration charts and maybe you'll be able to spot these beauties as they travel south.

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