Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Not-So-Gentle Etiquette Reminder - Yeah, You in the Next Car!

It's hard to believe this discussion is necessary, but, believe me, it is. From my own observations and the many comments I've heard regarding this, many drivers forget that they are in public when driving. You see people doing all sorts of things in their cars that: 1) shouldn't be done while driving (two first-hand examples pop into my head - texting and eating corn on the cob - no, I'm not kidding), or 2) shouldn't be done in public (flossing & picking your teeth, PDAs*, etc.), or 3) shouldn't be done at all (picking your nose - carry some tissues in your car, people!).

Do people think they're invisible because they're in a car? Do they think other motorists - not to mention the unfortunate passengers who are probably only pretending to sleep - don't notice? Or do they just not care? The rule is - if you would be embarrassed to do whatever it is in a group of people, then don't do it in your car, because [surprise] you are in a group of people. (Okay, so I made that rule up, but it's a good one and I wish more people would adopt it!)

While we're on the topic of cars, I wanted to share a few photos of The Glitter Car:

You have to enlarge the photos to get a better idea of how glittery this car is - in bright sunlight the sparkles seem to dance as you drive past. It belongs to a nice young man named Anthony who agreed to let us photograph it for my blog. He works at a cafe that we drive past several times per week and on sunny days it is spectacular - I've never seen a car so glittery. Normally I wouldn't say I'm a fan of sparkly cars or of cars in general, but this one always makes me smile. It's too bad the camera can't capture the glittery movement . . . but, it's like most art, you need to experience it in person to get the full effect.
So, remember, when you're out driving mind your manners! People are watching - and if you can't resist the bad behaviors get yourself a sparkly car that will distract from what's going on inside.

*PDA = Public Displays of Affection

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