Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Pink & Green in the Garden?

Amaranthus Tricolor, better known as Joseph's Coat of Many Colors. This fabulous plant has stunning color and likes our hot, dry weather.

I love this plant because it always makes me smile - not only because it's so pretty, but it makes me think of Joseph and his horrid brothers which then makes me remember the Sunday School play about them when I was in 5th grade which, of course, leads to thoughts of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical and its great soundtrack (who doesn't love the Joseph Megamix?), which leads me to think of Donny Osmond and that's where the smile comes in. I don't think about Donny nearly as much as I did 30 years ago (I wonder where my powder blue Puppy Love cassette is now . . .), but whenever I water my Joseph's Coat I think of Donny and that's a happy memory (even if he turned out not to be my dream husband)!

Stay tuned for more about my actual dream husband and his boring single-color coats . . .

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