Friday, July 10, 2009

What Makes This Friday Cheery?

Remember the fable of the ant and the grasshopper? During the busy spring months I often feel like the ant - weeding, planting, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, watering, etc. By the time July and August roll around, I'm not that motivated to spend hours in the garden. In fact, I've become the grasshopper - stretching out in the hammock with a good book when I should be gardening or at least spraying everything with a new coat of deer repellent! But, then on days like today the hard work pays real dividends - the first blooms open on plants that will reward us with color all summer. The native pollinators (that's bees in non-garden speak) and butterflies are busy hopping from bloom to bloom and suddenly I'm glad I was the ant for a while . . . and happy to now spend a few weeks as the grasshopper.

'Miss Huff' Lantana - loves the heat & blooms until frost

Crape Myrtle 'Muskogee' - look at all the buds!

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