Saturday, July 25, 2009

Etiquette Question of the Week: Thank-You Note Stationery

Thank-you notes are often a great source of stress - and they should not be! Unless you're dealing with a wedding or death, the modern rules are fairly relaxed. The only real rule is to send a thank-you promptly. People often ask about the type of stationery that's appropriate to use for a thank-you note. There used to be an unwritten rule about note cards with the words 'thank you' printed on them - these were considered tacky. (Actually there was a bit of a snob factor with this issue which we won't delve into now . . .) The key for us today is that this 'rule' no longer applies (again, the exception being very formal situations where you would use your own stationery - typically with your initials or monogram). After all, Crane makes many styles of cards with 'thank you' printed on them and they are the final word in stationery etiquette. (Their Blue Book is a must for any etiquette library!)

So, choose stationery that fits your personality, mood, and budget - with or without the words 'thank you' on the front. Fold-over cards are more suitable than flat, correspondence cards and this leaves you with so many great choices. Stock up on cute cards when they're on sale and you'll be ready to send a timely thank-you in style. As for me, I'm off to buy some adorable note cards I saw on sale earlier this week . . .

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