Monday, July 6, 2009

Sterling Flatware 101: Demitasse Spoons

If you would like to start collecting sterling silver flatware, but aren't sure where to begin, consider demitasse spoons. At around 4 inches, these spoons are used for small cups of coffee, espresso, etc. They are readily available, beautiful, and often inexpensive (less than $5 each).

Many times when you find them in antique shops or online auctions/stores, they are in pristine condition (like those from the 1950s in the photo above - see the gold washed bowls? no wear at all!). Apparently many brides received demitasse spoons without receiving the necessary demitasse cups and saucers and the spoons were subsequently packed away and never used. Even if you won't use these for fun after-dinner drinks, they are perfect for small desserts (think custard or pudding in tiny cups), serving small items, or just for display. And, like many miniature items they're just fun! But, be forewarned - this may lead to a collection of demitasse china as well . . .

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