Friday, June 4, 2010

War Paint!

A word to the wise, when you see marks like these point towards your driveway,

and War Paint like this in your garden,

be prepared for something like this!

Yes the builder-possible-future-neighbor who was responsible for the Hideous Pole can now be thanked for this! I didn't do a follow-up post about the HP because I was just too mad thinking about this $450k project (at least that's the price his website states - most on our street would say that's a builder's rosy over-over-estimate . . . but that's another rant, isn't it?) whose owner is too parsimonious to spend $3k putting the lines underground like we all did. Even after the three families who are affected by the HP offered to pay 3/4 of the cost . . . is there anything less appealing than someone who's really cheap??

But, back to the hole at hand. The nice crew from PSNC Energy is making every effort to dig their big hole and lay their pipes without damaging my Knock-outs. Yay for them! Yay for me!

And it is a big hole - the photo doesn't capture the depth, but suffice it to say it took a crew of six and a backhoe over 2 hours to do this . . . And for me the appeal of a new, planned neighborhood is strong this week!

That's what Friday brought to our house - I hope the weekend brings something fun to yours!

Blogger's Note: No one in our neighborhood reads my blog, so my doubtful comments about the building project can remain sub rosa!


  1. Oh dear, I'm worried about what kind of a neighbor you're going to have if he couldn't even be persuaded to underground the wires with a substantial neighbor subsidy. My wish for you is that he is building it as a spec house and you'll never see him again, even if you will be looking at the wires.

  2. Oh dear...I'm scared of you girl! ;)
    Knockin' out those who knock out your knock outs...yep...I'm scared and totally pity that new neighbor of yours! hahaha
    Sorry, I don't mean to laugh, it must be frustrating in the least.
    How about we just pack a lunch and head back to the cemetery? ;)
    I hope I've made you smile for the you go out and YOU do something fun. And don't look at that hole when you leave!

  3. There is nothing more frustrating than a neighbor who doesn't get it or care.
    I have one too.

    Some days I do better with my anger than others.

    (not many though-)



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