Monday, June 7, 2010

Can't wait for the new season of Mad Men?

Do you have July 25 circled on your calendar? I do, because that's when the new season of Mad Men premieres! But, what's a fan to do until then? Mad Men Yourself, of course!

That's what I've done and now I'm popping over to your house for a nice cup of tea and a long chat about Season 3! How do you like my new red purse? I'm thinking of it as an authentic Kelly bag. But, back to Mad Men, if you're a fan of the show, you must check out the Mad Men site on AMC. And even if you're not a fan (which must mean you've yet to watch the show!), you'll enjoy exploring the '60s side of your personality with the Mad Men Yourself feature.

And if you'd like a little Don Draper for your desk, get in line to purchase the Barbie Mad Men collection that goes on sale in July. You'll need to be a big fan of the show and of Barbie for these - they're $75 each . . . and in the world of Mad Men that could buy quite a few drinks, not to mention smokes!

So, don't worry, July 25 will be here before you know it! Think of the interim as an opportunity to rewatch Season 3 - I know it's on the top of my Netflix list. And now I'm back in my Mad Men mode, but this time in formal attire for a night on the town (no wild encounters in the coat check closet, though . . .).

See you in July!

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  1. I love Mad Men - and yes, I am already anticpating July 25!


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