Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's better than a vintage tablecloth with no holes or stains?

One with holes and stains, of course! I'm not talking about your Sunday-best antique damasks - because they are better without flaws. But, an everyday vintage cloth that has a few problems is wonderful - you needn't worry about ruining it by using it.

Over the years I've purchased many vintage cloths from antique shops and eBay and often select ones with small holes or stains, like the one above. The less-than-pristine condition makes them really affordable and I don't flinch when spills occur. It's quite liberating - throw it on the ground, eat messy outdoor foods . . . no problem. The funny thing is that lots of use has never added a stain or tear to any of these cloths, which leads my husband to think we should be this cavalier with new ones as well. This just goes to show you can sometimes live happily with someone who has a different world view . . .

As the summer is officially arriving this weekend, consider a picnic with some great food, friends or family, and an old tablecloth. We recently packed this rolling cooler and small bag and headed out for a leisurely lunch.

En route to our destination, we passed a lovely colonial church and graveyard and decided to stop there instead. Yes, we are those people - the ones who love old graveyards!

And this one dates to colonial times and even has a picnic table, which was much friendlier once it was covered with our old cloth!

We dined in breezy shade, with tombstones on one side (see the really old markers above!) and the lovely brick church on the other.

And a few pretty blooms mixed in here and there.

Now I'm in a picnic mood and hope to enjoy a few more before the weather gets really steamy! My little, holey cloth has been washed and is back in the trunk of the car - just in case we need it! And I'm off to look for a new, old cloth on eBay . . .


  1. Oh Girl,
    Move over, I'm having lunch with you!!!!!
    Which cemetery will we go to next???
    That's it, I'm totally in love with you now. Let it be because of the used and well used holy cloth or the fact that you are "one of those" kinds of people who love old cemeteries...I am sooooo with you.
    I'm so glad you found me so I could come back here and enjoy myself to pieces...I'm going scroll and be nosey some more.
    (Call me when the picnic basket is full again...I'll be waiting!)

  2. This is so funny, I go to great lengths to avoid cemeteries! I won't even walk by the historic one in Savannah. They have a ghost tour that goes there. I guess I've always been very sensitive to "vibes". So, no picnic for me! : )


  3. I love to pick up "imperfect" vintage linens for the same reasons....and...they are nice to make into pillows and napkins!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
    ;-D Kathleen

  4. Jodie - You find the cemetery and I'll pack the hamper!

    Donna - I think more people agree with your view of cemeteries than mine! And, I did have a weird experience in the old Savannah cemetery a few years ago . . . really creepy! So, I think I would avoid it if I return to Savannah!

    Kathleen, You're right about repurposing vintage linens! My To-Do list includes turning an old cloth into a summer apron - we'll see how it turns out!

    Have a great weekend!


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