Friday, May 21, 2010

Sundials . . . !!

Remember the clocks made of flowers that we discussed earlier this week? Well, let's continue that theme with a brief chat about sundials. We all know a few basic sundial facts: sundials tell time using the sun, they're often seen in gardens, and they're a really old technology (in fact, Wikipedia tells us they've been used since 700BC). But, what I wanted to share is the work of an incredibly talented British dialist - David Harber.

I've been a fan of David Harber's amazing sundials, armillaries, and fountains since seeing his work in a garden magazine five or six years ago. Periodically I visit his website to drool over the sundials and see what fabulous new items he has created.

How lovely to be able to envision and make sundials and statuary that are so beautiful, traditional, and yet innovative? Perhaps in my next life I can be an artistic dialist like David Harber.

Or perhaps I will awake one morning to find one of these in my garden - perhaps an armillary like the one above that can be customized for an anniversary or other special occasion.

Or perhaps a moondial like the one below. I could sit beside it on summer nights and read appropriate books - for some reason The Hound of the Baskervilles comes to mind!

I hope you like David Harber's work as much as I do. These few photos are just the tip of the gnomon* so rush over to his website and prepare to be dazzled!

*The gnomon is the straight edge that creates the shadow


  1. I hope you wake up one morning and find one of his sundials in your garden.

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