Monday, May 17, 2010

Does Your Garden Have a Clock?

Most gardens do not have clocks - in fact, that may be one of the best things about gardens. How can you relax and enjoy the flowers and butterflies and birds if you're watching the clock? But, alas, we aren't always at leisure to spend all day lollygagging, so if you're thinking of adding a timepiece to your garden to keep you on schedule, you'll find some inspiration below!

The most famous floral clock is likely the one in Geneva (above & below) - no surprise there, as Swiss watches are the best it follows that the best floral timepiece would also be Swiss. The plantings are routinely changed as these photos show. I love the varying heights and the giant hands. The second hand is the largest in the world at 2.5 meters (for the metrically-impaired, like myself, that's over 8 feet)!

Melbourne, Australia also boasts a stunning floral clock in the Queen Victoria Gardens. Interestingly, the clock was donated to the city by a group of Swiss watchmakers in 1966.

The floral clock in Canada's Niagara Parks is (according to the Park website) photographed almost as often as the Falls! Plantings are changed twice a year and the background design is altered as well.

Finally, if you're interested in growing your own clock, the Missouri Botanical Garden gives you an inside look at how theirs was created.

I love the plants on the hands. Check out their Behind the Scenes site for step-by-step photos.

If an 8-12' clock doesn't fit into your garden plans, stop by tomorrow and we'll look at some fabulous sun dials! I'm off to wind my watch . . .

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