Sunday, May 2, 2010

The British are coming, the British are coming . . . on PBS!

You're probably thinking that the British are always on PBS, so what's the big deal. But, let me tell you why I'm so excited! Foyle's War is back . . . yes, tonight on Mystery! another series of Foyle's War begins. I don't normally blog about television - in the first place, most shows are not 'must watch' for me or even 'can watch if bored' and, in the second place, there are countless sites that feature amateur critiques and discussions. Having said that, I just had to chat about FW.

It's hands-down my favorite show (even Mad Men pales in comparison). And I'm not the only one who loves this show - The Wall Street Journal called it "a triumph from start to finish." And that's just the point, we thought it was finished when Series 5 was broadcast last year. And now it's back!!

For those unfamiliar with FW, here's why it's a triumph - it combines the best British mystery with a realistic, and very human, look at World War II Britain. It's not just a period piece - although it is meticulously researched and beautifully filmed. The plots are clever and interesting and the characters aren't simply stereotypes - evil villains & Nazis, tough cops, and patriotic war-time citizens. Oh yeah, and I should mention the show's creator (and writer of many episodes) is the very talented Anthony Horowitz - famous for his Alex Ryder books as well as creating another popular British mystery show, Midsomer Murders based on the novels of Caroline Graham.

So set aside a few hours tonight to enjoy this most enjoyable show. Or, add the earlier series to your Netflix list - or, better yet, do both! And if you really get hooked on Foyle, I highly recommend the soundtrack . . . it's as addictive as the show!


  1. Love Midsomer Murders....I dvr Masterpiece automatically, so now can't wait to watch.

  2. Hi Leah, thanks for the welcome back, it's great to be blogging again.

    This really looks like a wonderful show, I love mysteries and period pieces especially. I'll have to see if Blockbuster has a rental for some upcoming rainy weekends.


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