Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Cheery on a Cold, Rainy Evening?

Hot Chocolate, of course!
It's been a chilly, rainy, yucky day here as the remnants of Hurricane Ida blew through town. After weeks of sunny fall days, this little winter preview was a bit of a shock and I, for one, will be happy to see the back-side of Ida! But, it's not all dreary tonight - our Hot Chocolate Pot has come out of its summer hiding and we're ready for some yummy, chocolaty hot chocolate. Did you think the phrase 'chocolaty hot chocolate' was redundant? Well, not really because not all hot chocolate is really chocolaty. I'll admit I am prejudiced against any food that begins as a powder - especially if it ends with a quick hot water stir. But, even staunch hot chocolate mix supporters will be converted once they try homemade hot chocolate.

Take a look at this recipe - it's from the reprint version of the Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book. It's an exact copy of the original 1953 cookbook, age-yellowed pages and all. If your mom or grandmother had this book, you'll enjoy this clever edition - and not just for the recipes.

The Breakfast Chocolate recipe is, however, one your whole family will love. It's very much like coffee-house hot chocolate, especially if you have a frother like the one in our chocolate pot. We've had this Williams-Sonoma pot a few years (it was a gift!) and use it often during the winter. If you love hot chocolate, check out their latest version here: Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate Pot.

And even though these marshmallow pirates were seen here recently, I wanted to share them again (in case you missed the peg leg the first time around). After all, no hot chocolate discussion is complete without at least a hint of marshmallow.


  1. Love hot chocolate! Love the pirates! LOVE my frother!!! That is the most used gadget in my house! I have gone through 3 frothers in the past 2 years...Literally, I have worn them out!

    My coffee of choice is cafe con leche...basically coffee with steamed milk. Since I HATE to clean the steamer on my cappuccino machine, I pour the milk about halfway into my mug, heat it in the microwave, then froth it. When creamy, I pour my coffee into the milk. Mmmmmmmm.....everyday, at least twice a day, depending which mug I use.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. Hi Jane,

    Your cafe con leche sounds fabulous - almost good enough to tempt a non-coffee drinker like me! I agree about the frother - it's great for so many tasks I would be lost without it, too!

    Have a great weekend,


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