Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Bunting We Will Go, A Bunting We Will Go . . .

Heigh-ho, the Dairy-o, a Bunting We Will Go!

Okay, are you thinking of Elmer Fudd? The 'Huntin' We Will Go' song always me think of him. And while singing it a few minutes ago I realized two things: I don't know the rest of the lyrics, and, this tune is the same as 'The Farmer in the Dell'! Did you know that? But, all this aside let's talk bunting!!

For about a year, I've been in love with bunting! The British magazines always have pictures of charming rooms with the cutest bunting hanging casually overhead. So, I decided to embark on a bunting adventure of my own. Instead of using different fabrics, I chose a single fabric that has many designs - it was purchased for a roman shade project last year and I liked it so much I purchased extra yardage, just in case . . .

A few weeks ago I decided to make two strings of bunting - one for a friend who was having a milestone birthday and one for me (to use on the porch next summer).

There were three basic things to decide before beginning: 1) the flag size (or whatever you call the fabric points?), 2) how to finish the edges (by hemming the sides, or pinking the edges and leaving them unstitched, or pinking the edges and stitching the top side leaving the raw edges exposed, and, 3) how to attach the flags.

I decided on large flags - roughly 9" x 10" due to the large pattern of the fabric. The second decision I came to regret - hemming (and, therefore, turning and pressing!) the flags. As for stringing these together, rather than using the typical bias tape as a string, I used more of the fabric. As you can see in the photo above, I just ripped strips of fabric for the 'string' - for those of you who do proper sewing, you'll know I should have cut this on the bias, but this way was so much faster. Plus, the beauty of this type of sewing is that it doesn't have to be perfect. (A word to the wise - if you're a perfectionist, don't choose to hem and turn the flags - no matter how much you trim, getting perfect points is too tedious for words!!)

So, this is my bunting story - I was pleased with the end result and am thinking of doing another string of bunting with different fabrics (this time just pinking the edges and top stitching!). Think of the cute options for Christmas . . .

Happy Crafting!

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