Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award!

As quickly mentioned a few days ago, Emmie at Southern Aspirations has nominated this little blog for the Kreativ Blogger award. First a big thank you to Emmie for that. (And a note to her - I almost died when I saw the pic of you sitting in the surf in your wedding gown!) The last time I won an award was over a decade ago - for having the best witch cackle in my church choir's fundraising musical review (note: I was the only witch!).

And on to the 'business' of the Kreativ Blogger - to tell you seven things about myself that you don't know and to pass the award on to seven other blogs (and add comments/link to their fabulous blogs)! So, here are the seven things:
  1. I could never be a professional chef because I don't like eggs, oysters, duck, or mussels (I do, however, make a great omelet!)

  2. Ditto #1 because I'm not crazy about cutting up a chicken - I usually wait until my husband is available and then supervise

  3. I love champagne - alone or in a Mimosa or punch

  4. Relating to #3, my wish list includes some new champagne flutes from Tiffany - the stems are hollow (so pretty!!)

  5. My all-time favorite television show is 'Foyle's War' - a perfect combination of British murder mystery/detective/World War II costume drama (yes, even better than Mad Men!)

  6. October is my favorite month

  7. I love raking fall leaves - the crunch, the autumn smell, the 'look how much progress I've made in an hour' aspect . . . having said that, I should disclose that our yard guys remove (and compost) most of our leaves so perhaps I love it now because it's a small job

And now for the difficult part of the Kreative Blogger award - passing it on. There are so many great blogs that I enjoy regularly that it's not easy to pick seven, but here goes.

  • Uniquely Tea which was one of the first blogs I discovered in Blogland. It's a great resource for All Things Tea!

  • The Daily Postcard which features a postcard each day with a bit of history and often a fascinating story. There is truly something for everyone here!

  • Elderberry Street which is always lovely and where you'll find lots of craft, food, and decorating inspiration!

  • The Covered Porch where the idea of creating a beautiful refuge and still living simply is alive and well! (Plus, the Velveteen Rabbit was featured a few days ago - what more can I say?)

  • Purdy Wallcovering which will change the way you view wallpaper forever! You must check out the 'Wallpaper as Table Runner' photo!

  • Garden Designs + More which is a beautiful garden blog. It's not too late to check out the wonderful Halloween plants featured here!

  • Sarah-Jane Down the Lane which will make you want to pack your bags for the English countryside- in time for the Vintage and Handmade Christmas Fair!

I hope you'll check out some of these great blogs! And enjoy the rest of your weekend . . .


  1. Thank You so much for passing the Kreative blogger award to me! That is so kind. I am very glad to know I have inspired your thoughts on wallpaper. I hope you continue to visit my blog as I will yours I will be adding you to my side list of blogs. I will pass award along too. Thank You again have a great week.

  2. Leah, I am so thrilled to have been named one of your Kreative Bloggers! What a thrill, especially coming from a great blogger such as yourself! Thank you so much. I will continue to pass it on. Please keep coming around and I will do the same! Thanks again -- it truly is a huge honor for me!!!

  3. You are so sweet! I really did notice this a few days ago. I've been on Jury Duty and struggled to get any blogging done. Which is just not right! I love your teapot bird houses, by the way. So clever and cute!

    Karen @ Elderberry Street


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