Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh! How I Could Potter . . . if I only had a shed!

Are you a lucky gardener? By lucky I don't mean a gardener with a green thumb or a moderate climate - I mean one with a proper Potting Shed! My dream garden has a cozy, shady nook where an adorable potting shed awaits with a brick floor, a big farm sink, shelves laden with pots and lovely garden tools, and maybe a tiny area for making tea. Here are some sheds I'd be happy to call my gardening home:

Okay, even in my dream garden, the potting shed isn't as nice as the one above. But, wouldn't it be great to relax on the little porch after completing some grueling garden tasks? Or would you prefer the more rustic setting below? I love the heart-shaped details on the chimney.

And think of all the seedlings you could start in this lovely shed:

I love the pavers surrounding this one. Isn't it just like a doll house?

The next one is a hybrid of the previous two - lots of adjustable glass panels with a cottage-y appeal. And the pink bike is a must!

And what about the interior? Would you opt for a traditional potting bench like this?

Shelves and crates?

A rustic sink and shelf?

Or, would you create a real room like this homeowner featured in Southern Living?

Of course, not every guest would be happy spending the night in the shed, but it might be the perfect spot for a post-weeding nap! And the great thing about not (yet!) having a potting shed is that I can spend lots of time thinking about the perfect one - where to put it, what style, etc. . . . and that's a great thing when you're doing those summer garden tasks. It even makes deadheading more fun!

Happy weekend!

Photo credits: Southern Living, Country Living, Fine Homebuilding, Remodeling Center


  1. All of these sheds are fabulous! I would be happy to have any one of them in my garden, too!! As of now, I just have a little covered area for my puttering spot. :)
    Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos!
    ~ Jo :)

  2. I would love to have a potting shed!!

  3. Leah-

    What a great post! I love these potting sheds... can I have them all? I don't even do that much potting. I just grovel in the dirt on my hands and knees. But I'd get all gussied-up and pot things up like a proper lady if I had a proper place to do so! Thank you for the great inspiration! :-)



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