Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's what the stylish women will be packing this fall . . .

Have you seen the latest issue of Town and Country? It boldly states: Think Fall. In this spirit, here's a vintage fashion to consider:

Isn't this a great advertisement for the Ford Zephyr? I'm not sure which is more fascinating - the undergarments that give her that Fifties shape or the shotgun. I wonder if readers at the time paid any attention to the car? So, as you sweat through another July week (or maybe that's just me . . . you may be a 'glistener'), think ahead to cool, crisp October days . . . and keep this ad in mind when you're planning your fall wardrobe!


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  2. It's a great look. Not one that I can pull off successfully, but I would if I could.


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